Are you a fan of podcasts? Radio shows? Here are some links to the shows Spook-Eats has been featured in over the last few years. Feel free to give them a listen and if you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe to their shows! These are some of the best paranormal shows around!

Tickle Trunk of Horrors 10/4/2018

Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson Weekly Specials


The Old Canal Inn 10/14/2018

The Lemp Mansion 10/21/2018

The Farnsworth House Inn 11/4/2018

The Roycroft Inn 11/11/2018

Dos on the Lake 11/18/2018

Turner’s Seafood 11/25/2018

The Dobbin House 12/9/2018

The Eagle Hotel 12/16/2018


Johnny Mango World Cafe 1/6/2019

The Red Coach Inn 1/20/2019

The Winery at Marjim Manor 1/27/2019

Rockafella’s 2/17/2019

Lily Dale Assembly 3/17/2019

Ghost Train Podcast 4/15/2019

Listen to it here!

REP Paranormal and Friends on Paranormal Buzz Radio 1/16/2020
(Haunted Atlas of WNY)

Listen to it here! 

Ghost Insight with Jim Harold 2/21/2020

This recording is a premium episode. To listen you must join

Indiana Unknown 3/6/2020

Listen to it here!

Midnight in the Desert 3/16/2020

Some Other Sphere 4/1/2020

Listen to it here!

Rep Paranormal and Friends on Paranormal Buzz Radio 4/16/2020
(Lady Investigators)

Listen to it here!  

Paranormal Encounters Live Stream 4/23/2020
(Video Unavailable)


Strange Uncles 4/19/2020

Listen to it here!

Paranormal Encounters LIVE: Women in the Paranormal 4/22/2020


Outside the Box Episode 10 4/26/2020

Paranormal Blues 5/2/2020


Paranormal Day Paracon Talk 5/3/2020

A Haunt Mess Podcast 5/5/2020

Night Dreams Talk Radio with Gary Anderson 5/6/2020

Listen to it here!

Paranormal Concept Show 5/26/2020

Listen to it here!

American Hauntings Video Conference 6/19/2020

Shea’s Paranormal Chat 7/3/2020

Listen to it here!

Who’s Ready to Ghost Hunt?
Bella Vista Library Presentation 7/9/2020

ParaReality Radio 8/21/2020

Listen to it here!

Ghostly Talk 10/7/2020

Listen to it here!

Graestone Manor Radio 10/22/2020

Played live on 10/22

The Haunted Atlas makes an appearance on WNY History Podcast 10/23/2020

Listen to it here!

Pea Ridge Library Halloween Week
Ghost Hunter Interview 10/28/2020

Channel 7 WKBW Halloween Special 10/29/2020


Spoopy Talk 11/15/2020

Listen to it here!

Haunted Histories 11/22/2020

Listen to it here!

Paranormal Encounters Holiday Charity Live Stream 12/12/2020
(Video Unavailable)


Black Cat Lounge With Tim Shaw 12/15/2020


Dark Holiday Traditions @ Bella Vista Library 12/17/2020


Midnight Society with Tim Weisberg 12/22/2020

Live Radio Broadcast

Spooky Southcoast 1/9/2021

Listen to it here!

ASPI&UX Club Spooky Second Podcast 1/11/2021

Episode coming soon!

ParaReality Radio 1/15/2021
The Feminine Macabre

Listen to it here!

Festival of the Unexplained Winter Festival 1/15/2021

IMG_0643 (1)

Haunts and Hops 1/18/2021

Listen to it here!

Living Dead Girls Podcast 1/23/2021

Listen to it here!

Spirits and Spirits Podcast 2/1/2021

Listen to it here! Tune in at 34 minutes in.

Don’t Turn Around Podcast

Episode coming soon!

The Ghost Voice 2/1/2021


Euphomet Patron Chat 2/1/2021

Available for Patreon Patrons.

The Spooky Stuff 2/16/2021

Listen to it here!

The Nightgeist Podcast 2/17/2021

Listen to it here!

Unexplained Cases 2/21/2021

Mysteries and Monsters 2/22/2021

Listen to it here!

If you have a podcast or radio show and would like Amanda to be a guest, reach out at or here on the website. 

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