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A Haunted Atlas of Western New York

Do you dare to follow along on a haunted jaunt through Western New York’s supernatural locations? Move away from the ghost stories around the campfire and seek out the strange and unusual for yourself with the Haunted Atlas of Western New York. Join local writer, historian, paranormal researcher, and owner of Spook-Eats as she takes you to haunted cemeteries, museums, roads, schools, theatres, and restaurants (with a few cryptids thrown in just for fun). Explore over 130 haunted locations throughout the region, complete with walking and driving tours, a spooky bucket list, and coordinates to create the perfect haunted journey.

THE SPIRIT GUIDE: America’s Haunted Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries

Are you thirsty for a paranormal adventure? Do you enjoy visiting bars where the floors are sticky with decades of spilled beer? How about a prison where moonshine is being legally distilled? Or maybe even a seedy bordello turned award-winning winery? From battles to murder, and stouts to Merlots, learn about the darker side of America’s liquid libations as we journey to some of the most haunted breweries, distilleries, and wineries in the country. You might even find some boos to go with your booze. Sip on a Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout in Denver’s oldest brewpub, enjoy a pint of Shanghai’d IPA above Portland’s infamous Shanghai Tunnels, or try a taste of butterscotch moonshine in one of America’s most haunted prisons turned distillery. Whether you’re searching for rich history, delicious drinks, or a few ghosts lurking in the shadows, The Spirit Guide: America’s Haunted Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries is the perfect companion for your next haunted road trip. Cheers!

The Ghosts of the Ghostlight Theatre

Built on a dark and stormy Halloween night in 1889, the Ghostlight Theatre has stood tall in the small town of North Tonawanda for over a century. Now a community theatre, the Ghostlight seems to be almost alive with spirits coming and going as they please. Some are from over a century ago, and others only departed this world within the last few years. No matter when or where they’re from, it is clear that their presence is felt throughout the theatre, as they silently watch the performers on stage (and sometimes even make a cameo). Read over 100 ghostly encounters from cast, crew, and audience members from the last 20 years, and see how the Ghostlight Theatre lives up to its name. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the historic Ghostlight Theatre.

The Cryptid ABC Book

Get to know the creepy crawlies and cryptids of folklore and legends from around the globe! From all over the United States, as well as England, South America, and even China, these monsters are here to help you learn your ABCs. Join the Yeti, Mothman, and the Flatwoods Monster as they take you from A to Z through the amazing world of cryptids. Part of our Creepy Books for Creepy Kids series.

Krampus’s Great Big Book of Yuletide Monsters

Who knew the holidays could be so scary? Why do you leave out food for a stranger who comes into your home? What’s the point of burning a Yule log? What is wassailing? Why do you always get socks in your stocking? Follow Krampus as he takes you on a journey to meet some of the Christmas monsters found all around the world! From goblins and witches to ghosts and demons, the holidays are about to get a little scary!

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T-shirts! Masks! Stickers! Hoodies! Everything you need to show off your spooky pride while hunting ghosts!

Ghosts, cryptids, urban legends and rural rumors abound. Well- organized and laced with wit, this is a fun, breezy read best savored by candlelight and some tasty libations.

— Marco, A Haunted Atlas of Western New York

Amanda has produced an amazing resource of not only the good “eats” in different locales through the US, she’s also given a history lesson for each place and a spook-tacular reason to visit them!

— Liz, America’s Haunted Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries

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