Pennsylvania: The Dobbin House

Gettysburg is one of the most haunted cities in America with ghosts of the Civil War battle still wandering the ridges, but one of the town’s best restaurants dates back almost 100 years before the Civil War.

DSC04398The History: The Dobbin House is Gettysburg’s oldest building. It was built by Rev. Alexander Dobbin in 1776 to act as a home for his (huge) family as well as a school. In the mid-1800s, the Dobbin House became the first stop on the Underground Railroad just above the Mason-Dixie Line. Before, during, and after the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, the Dobbin House acted as a field hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers. Today, the Dobbin House has been restored to its original glory and operates as an inn and restaurant.

saintz_dobbin2The Haunting: With connections to the bloodiest battle fought on American soil, it should come as no surprise that the Dobbin House has some paranormal claims. Guests entering the restaurant have claimed to see a little girl in one of the upper windows. Diners and staff alike have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of both slaves and soldiers wandering among the tables as well as Rev. Alexander Dobbin, himself! Other reports claim of blue orbs, phantom footstep, and a mischievous ghost lighting fires in the historic fireplaces.

Spooky Rating:

The historical integrity of this inn and restaurant is incredible–it feels like you’ve fallen through time as you walk through the door. However, there isn’t really an emphasis on the spooks of the inn. If you ask the staff, they will talk about the ghosts of not only the Dobbin House but Gettysburg in general–you just have to go out of your way to try to hear the ghost stories. However, the Dobbin House is a stop on many ghost tours so you’ll definitely hear about the spooky history while you visit Gettysburg.

Yummy Rating:

The dining experience is always a good time at the Dobbin House. If you can get into the Bedroom dining room, you can eat in a historically accurate four poster canopied bed (definitely request it!), and there is always a performer wandering the tables, playing on his mandolin. The food, however, is hit or miss. I found the trio of lamb chops to be underwhelming (I’m a lamb snob). However, my husband got the crab meat a la Dobbin, and it was delicious. The prices are rather high here so be prepared to drop a pretty penny for this dining experience.

Type of Experience: Hotel and restaurant

Dining Style: Casual

Cuisine: American

Price Range: $6.50-42.95 (or market price)

Address: 89 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Phone Number: (717) 334-2100

Hours of Operation:

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