The Feminine Macabre I with Patti Negri

In a world where the paranormal seems to be dominated by men, get to know thirty women in the paranormal field in THE FEMININE MACABRE. From folklore and death culture to tarot, dark history, ghosts, and more, these women share their experiences, research, and theories but with a feminine twist.

Explore Volume One of THE FEMININE MACABRE with a foreword by psychic medium and “good witch,” Patti Negri, featuring the works of Chris Amandier, Mary Becker, Amy L. Bennett, Kjersti Beth, Sarah Blake, Ivy Boyd, Amelia Cotter, Mallory Cywinski, Courtney Eastman, Claire Goodchild, Penny Griffiths-Morgan, Michelle L. Hamilton, Cindy Heinen, Patty Henderson, India Hopwood, Jennifer Jones, Allison Jornlin, Alex Matsuo, Heather Moser, Celeste Mott, Courtney Mroch, Hilary Opiel, Barb “Shadow” O’Rourke, Amanda Paulson, Claidi Rose, Sarah Stream, Laura Sutcliffe, Vanessa Walilko, Anastasia Washington, Cherise Williams, and Amanda R. Woomer.


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