The Feminine Macabre IV with Lisa Morton

Return to the world of The Feminine Macabre in Volume IV of the all-female (and non-binary) paranormal journal. Explore essays written by researchers in the occult from all over the world, highlighting their research and theories on witchcraft, hauntings, astrology, folklore, Victorian Spiritualism, dark history, tarot, cryptids, and more.

With a foreword by author and Halloween expert, Lisa Morton, Volume IV features the writing talents of Tiffiny Rose Allen, Gina Armstrong, Bianca Ascher, Renee Bedard, Amy L. Bennett, Stephanie Bingham, Maria Blair, Sarah Blake, Brianna Bravoco, Chelsea Celaya, Kate Cherrell, Nikki Clement, Amelia Cotter, Rebecca Gibson, Leanna Renee Hieber, Nashoba Hostina, Susan A. Jacobucci, Jessica Krutell, Nicole Long, Selina Mayer, Kachine Moore, Sarah A. Peterson-Camacho, RĂ©becca Pointeau, Jenny Pugh, Ariana Rose, Monique Rose, Stacey Ryall, Aoife Sutton, Victoria Vancek, Alyssa Vang, Tamora L. Vang, Jamie Michelle Waggoner, Vanessa Walilko, Jillian Walkowiak, Ann Marie West, and Amanda R. Woomer.

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