The Spirit Guide: Harlots & Hauntings

Outlawed. Controlled. Stigmatized.

The voices and stories of sex workers have been silenced for centuries. They’ve been called “fallen women” and “soiled doves,” judged for their loose moral standards. And yet, despite countless governments’ and religions’ best efforts to put an end to prostitution, it’s not only survived… it has thrived.

From ancient temples to the beds of kings and popes, Wild West saloons, and the brothels of Storyville, prostitution is at its core about survival. And some stories survive better than others.

Participate in a champagne toast in the brothel museum at the Red Onion Saloon in Skagway, Alaska. Enjoy a slice of Ghost Pie above Portland’s infamous Shanghai Tunnels. Dare to spend the night in the Lady in Red Suite at the Mizpah Hotel.

Explore eleven haunted bars, hotels, cafés, inns, and pubs across America and Britain and get to know the women of negotiable affections still haunting them.

Please note that this book contains details and images of graphic nudity and violence. Discretion is advised.


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