The Spirit Guide: Dented Brick Distillery

Now you may not think of Utah as a famous player when it comes to distilling whiskey (that honor goes to Scotland first, and then the American South). But Utah actually has a long distilling history that dates back to the 1850s.

water witchHugh Moon was Utah’s first distiller, producing whiskey for Mormon pioneers throughout the 19th Century. He remained on the land for some time, but over the years, a family of water witches moved in and, using a dowsing switch, discovered an artesian well.

That innocent-looking well is still on the property today, bringing water from the Wasatch Mountains’ melted snow to be transformed into delicious spirits.

Before the state-of-the-art distillery was constructed, a simple brick house stood on the grounds of the artesian well. According to legend, a member of the water witching family was killed on the front porch of the brick house by an onslaught of police bullets.

The same bullets that killed the water witch also left dents in the house’s bricks. As Dented Brick Distillery moved in, they tore the house down, but not before salvaging those dented bricks and incorporating them into the distillery walls. In fact, you can see the dented bricks of Dented Brick Distillery today. [We should take a shot every time I say the word “brick.”]

Learn more about Dented Brick Distillery in The Spirit Guide: America’s Haunted Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries coming July 2020! 

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