The Spirit Guide: Wolfden Brewing

What might just look like a beautiful Victorian farmhouse has a delicious little secret hiding inside.

The building, itself, was constructed in 1851, but Wolfden Brewing only opened its doors to the town of Bloomingdale in 2018. In that short amount of time, Krys and Katie Wolf (yes, that is their actual last name), have created a name for themselves in the Chicago suburb. Not only are they striving to be a green brewery—with as little waste as possible—but they’re also touted as the most haunted brewery in Illinois.

You see, Wolfden has its own resident ghost, known lovingly as Jack.

Photo courtesy of Wolfden Brewing

As Krys and Katie were working hard to transform the labyrinthine farmhouse into the microbrewery you see today, unusual occurrences began almost immediately. At one point during the construction process, Katie found a simple clay marble. After she removed it from the property, the activity spiked, and strange things started happening to her.

It wasn’t until a friend called her about the marble, did she realize that something paranormal was happening. Apparently, Jack was upset, and Katie needed to return the marble right away.

Even though the marble has returned to the farmhouse, Jack is certainly not resting peacefully…

Learn more about Wolfden Brewing in The Spirit Guide: America’s Haunted Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries coming July 2020! 

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