Sandhill Road: Strange & Unusual Spotlight

Do you believe in Changelings? How about Little People?

51PRTS0eQxL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Sandhill Road just about a mile onto the Tonawanda Reservation might be the most terrifying haunted road in Western New York. Not so much for the stories surrounding it (that honor goes to Pigman Road), but rather, for what bizarre things people have reported seeing over the years.

Sandhill Road runs along Tonawanda Creek (another hot spot for paranormal activity). Travelers who have made their way along this street have claimed to see changelings.

There have also been reports of little people. The most famous little people come from Ireland (leprechauns), but there are stories of little people from cultures all over the world such as Greece, the Philippines, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Indonesia. The Native American legend says that little people tend to inhabit areas near large bodies of water, such as the Great Lakes, and they tend to live inside sandy hills (what’s the name of this road, again?).

Learn more about Sandhill Road in our Haunted Atlas of Western New York coming Fall 2019.

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*NOTE: Cover photo is not Sandhill Road.

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