House of Seven Secrets: Strange & Unusual Spotlight

Will you learn all the secrets?

Despite its infamous reputation, there isn’t much known about the old Hosue of Seven Secrets, only legends.

SAMSUNG CSCSome stories claim that a family was murdered in the house, leading to the dark and malevolent haunting. Other tales come from people who broke in and found scorch marks on the floors, suggesting black magic was practiced inside the house, again, leading to a negative haunt or possibly even a curse. Either way, the house was a beacon for daredevil teens and ghost hunters alike, and if the stories are to be believed, the House of Seven Secrets was an active and terrifying place to visit.

The most famous legend says that the House of Seven Secrets was filled with (you guessed it) seven secrets. No one knows what these secrets were, but supposedly they were hidden in places like the attic, bathroom, and basement, and if you managed to find all seven of them, you would die in the house.

Learn more about the House of Seven Secrets in our Haunted Atlas of Western New York coming Fall 2019.

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*NOTE: Photos are not from the actual House of Seven Secrets.

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