The Amherst Synagogue: Strange & Unusual Spotlight

It may not be a synagogue anymore, but the ghost stories surrounding this place still haunt those foolish enough to trespass.

The haunted field today Photo: Restoration Church

Though it was only built in the 1980s, the old Amherst Synagogue has managed to create quite a name for itself among Western New York paranormal investigators. The building, itself, has a unique design reminiscent of the quirky decade it was constructed in, and yet many people who dare to visit it after dark claim it is one of the scariest places they have ever been. The synagogue (well, a church now), itself isn’t haunted, but the undeveloped field behind it is another story entirely.

According to the lore that surrounds the former synagogue, three men died while the structure was being built, a wall collapsed on top of them, killing them right there on the spot. And those three tragic deaths aren’t the only bloodshed this place has seen. Legend says that the land was once a dumping ground for a child killer in the area, and the paranormal activity seems to support this claim.

Learn more about the former Amherst Synagogue in our Haunted Atlas of Western New York coming Fall 2019.

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