Pigman Road: Strange & Unusual Spotlight

Pigman Road is half history, half urban legend.

There is no proof that the Pigman exists but that doesn’t stop people from visiting Holland Road in the middle of the night to test their luck.

3sdp1diAccording to different stories the Pigman was (and possibly still is) a butcher and serial killer that lived in the woods around Pigman Road, marking his territory with pig heads mounted on stakes. Some say he shot a man and hung him from a meat hook on his front porch. Others say that he was responsible for the death of a group of young boys before beheading them and placing their heads on stakes.

Of course, no one ever talks about the documented tragedy that occurred along this stretch of road. Some might even say it was horrific.

Learn more about Pigman Road in our Haunted Atlas of Western New York coming Fall 2019.

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