Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery: Strange & Unusual Spotlight

Perhaps the most frightening things in life aren’t the ghosts we chase, but the humans we must run from.

217351e5-5dc6-4db2-9c3a-3d368dc79910It may not be as (in)famous as Goodleberg Cemetery, but Gurnsey Hollow’s history is just as tragic and its reputation is just as unnerving. The cemetery, itself, dates back to the early 1800s and hasn’t been used in decades… unless you count the local teens, who use it as a late-night rendezvous point. Fire pits, trash, and graffiti dot the once hallowed ground, but the initial signs of disrespect are complemented by the continued tales and urban legends surrounding the old cemetery.

Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery was the sight of a tragedy that has left a scar on the land. In the early days of the town of Frewsburg, there was a mentally ill child (some historians claim it was a boy, others say it was a girl), who was the victim of the townsfolk’s fears and hatred. Eventually, a gang from the village chased the child into the cemetery where they were stoned to death and finally buried. And this child isn’t the only one that calls Gurnsey Hollow their final resting place.

Learn more about Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery in our Haunted Atlas of Western New York coming Fall 2019.

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