Will Scarlett’s Grave

Could this mysterious monument be the final resting place of one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men?

On the grounds of St. Mary’s Church in Blidworth, Nottinghamshire, there is an unmarked grave that many people believe belongs to Will Scarlett of the Robin Hood legends.

Photo: Atlas Obscura

According to legend, Will Scarlett was a native of Blidworth. However, even if he was buried at St. Mary’s church, he would have been buried there hundreds of years before the church, itself, was constructed.

Will Scarlett’s mysterious grave isn’t the only connection St. Mary’s has with Robin Hood. Supposedly, Maid Marion lived in a cottage opposite the church. On the day of her wedding to Robin Hood, Marion was escorted to Edwinstowe by none other than Will Scarlett.

Even though many historians believe the legend of Robin Hood is nothing more than a legend, there is some truth to the outlaws of Sherwood Forest. In 1276, two archers were found poaching in Sherwood Forest (the king’s hunting grounds). While they were held in prison, awaiting judgment from (you guessed it) the Sheriff of Nottingham, the people rose up and broke them out of jail. The identity of these two poachers is unknown to this day… perhaps their names were Robin and Will…

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