Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem: England’s Oldest Pub

It dates back to the days of Robin Hood. But aside from the tales of the Merry Men, Ye Olde Trip is haunted by both history and curses.

Nestled in the rocks beneath Nottingham Castle is one of England’s oldest pubs (the oldest depending on who you ask). Opened in 1189, it’s said that Ye Olde Trip was the final stop for soldiers heading out to fight in the Crusades and King Richard I, himself, stopped by for a visit.

The basement of the pub is made up of a series of caves, connecting it to the castle. Many believe it acted as overflow for the jail, leading to a residual negative haunting.

Photo: Waymarking

But the most famous claim from Ye Olde Trip isn’t about a ghost at all, but rather, a cursed object.

The cursed galleon is a tiny wooden ship that hasn’t been cleaned in centuries and is now safely placed behind glass to keep curious/drunk patrons away from it. It hangs on the wall above the bar in the oldest part of the building, and people seem drawn to it.

According to legend, hundreds of years ago, it was offered as payment for a bar tab. Those who went to clean it would get sick and die. In fact, the previous cleaners who decided to put the galleon in its glass box just before their retirement died several weeks later.

On a much lighter note, there is also a chair that is said to assist ladies in getting pregnant. Of course, with so many bums taking a seat over the years, it seems to have lost its juice.

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