Ghostly Smells: Freaky Facts

Beyond the classic knocking on walls, cold spots, and blurry images in photographs, it is believed that spirits can also make themselves known through Clairolfaction, or better known as your sense of smell. 

Have you ever been sitting in your living room bingeing on Netflix, when all of a sudden you smell your grandmother’s perfume? Only… your grandmother has been dead for almost ten years? Well, according to many investigators, this out of the ordinary (or paranormal) smell could very well be your deceased grandmother coming in to check on you.

Many times, certain smells are associated with residual and intelligent hauntings. Sometimes people may smell perfume or possibly cigar smoke or pipe tobacco. These scents, while unexpected, aren’t disconcerting or even frightening. In many cases, people find comfort in these scents (whenever I smell tea rose perfume, it immediately makes me think of my grandmother and I know she’s nearby). However, there are a few scents that should raise flags if you ever smell them.

The smell of sulfur (rotten eggs) and decay (or rather, a decomposing body) is usually the first sign of a negative haunt, and you might want to call GHOSTBUSTERS! someone to help you out whether it’s a priest or pastor, a medium, or a paranormal investigative crew that you trust.

No one knows why or how spirits manipulate smells. The sense of smell is the most difficult one to measure and record so many times we can only rely on our own senses and the claims made by witnesses.

Do you have an interesting story about phantom smells? Does it frighten you or does it bring you peace? Let us know in the comments below! 

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