RH Stavis: Strange & Unusual Spotlight

Strange & Unusual Spotlight:
RH Stavis
Secular exorcist
Author of 
Sister of Darkness

rh-stavis-2Now you may be scratching your head and wondering how in the world there could be such a thing as a secular exorcist. For years, we’ve had images in our head of exorcisms with Catholic priests and Linda Blair floating above her bed. But Stavis is neither a Catholic priest nor does her story include green goo flying everywhere (at least I hope not). She is the new face of spirituality in America and modern-day exorcisms with her non-denominational approach, leather skirts, and eagerness to help others.

Stavis recently published a book called Sister of Darkness which is part autobiography, part how-to book, and 100% creepy. As you would expect from a book about a real-life exorcist, Stavis tells some pretty scary stories. Ranging from a dream about a terrifying doll to describing various entities she sees, the imagery is frightening. Stavis recounts multiple exorcisms in vivid detail, and she makes you feel as if you’re standing in the room with her, watching her work. Stavis is not only a talented exorcist but also a gifted writer, being able to capture what she is able to see all around her and put it into writing for the rest of us.

494E590800000578-5414007-image-a-8_1519147572855Some people might think that Stavis is a bit bold with the way she describes her abilities and her work (seriously, the sass is so strong with her, and I love it!). She, herself, admits that she is confident because she has to be in her line of work. Facing these entities requires both strength and a very specific way of thinking. Yes, she is confident and proud of her work because she’s the best at what she does and she knows it.

If you’re a fan anything spooky (like myself) or if you love reading non-fiction (unlike myself), then look no further than Sister of Darkness. It’s the perfect summer read for fans of the paranormal, TV shows like Supernatural and Buffy, and Halloween fanatics desperate to get a bit of spookiness outside of October. It’s both an easy, quick read and also haunting and disturbing–something that will keep fans reading deep into the night and probably even give them nightmares.

Get your copy today and let me know what you think of her book in the comments below!


This post is based on my official review of Sister of Darkness and originally appeared at The Geekiverse. 

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3 thoughts on “RH Stavis: Strange & Unusual Spotlight

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. RHStavis’ book open the door to a whole new spiritual world. She is such an amazing person by using her power to cleanse people from entities giving them a second chance at life and all the joy in it. She is incredibly brave for sharing her experience so generously accepting what comes to her only in a positive and caring way. This book had definitely reaffirmed my believes and gave me the strenght and direction to continue through the path of spirituality which only leads to great things for me and those around me. Thats what you get from RH Stavis and her teachings.


    1. It’s so true! I want everyone I know to read her book because it is so powerful and yet makes so much sense. It helped reaffirm things for me and explained so much. She has a very special gift and we’re so lucky she is willing to share it with us. Thanks for stopping by… Cheers!


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