An Overnight Stay at Hotel Conneaut

Would you dare to spend the night in a haunted hotel?

For those brave enough Ghosts N’at and Hotel Conneaut offer ghost hunters of all kinds the chance to explore and experience the haunted history of Conneaut Lake’s historic hotel.

On November 16, 2019, I had the pleasure of visiting the hotel for the very first time. Growing up, I visited the nearby amusement park on a somewhat regular basis in the summer (which also happens to be super creepy). The 100-year-old hotel always loomed in the distance, so my visit was long overdue.

Anyone looking to investigate Hotel Conneaut with Ghosts N’at should look at the pros and cons of such an event before booking their room.

Pros: the chance to work with seasoned investigators, including Brett McGinnis from Ghost Hunters Academy. Access to gadgets and equipment you’ll probably never see again (including the coveted DR-60). An extremely affordable price for a room for two, the hunt, happy hour, and breakfast in the morning.

Cons: it’s a public ghost hunt. This means that you’re shuffled from location to location in a large group and sometimes the people in said group are chatty, loud, rude, or simply don’t have any experience leading to contaminated evidence.

That being said, I went into this event knowing full well it was a public hunt with a variety of people. I went to have a fun weekend with my mom, test out some of my new toys, and check out a historic hotel (that happened to be adorably decorated for Christmas).

I did manage to catch some interesting things on my digital recorder as we went through the night, so feel free to check them out, give them a listen, and let me know what you hear! I highlight what I hear in white so I don’t contaminate what you might be hearing. After you listen to the recording, feel free to highlight the blotted out words that I thought I heard and let’s see how they compare! As always, it’s best to listen to some of these with headphones.

Our Room: Room 232


Don’t let the numbers fool you: some of the 200s are on the third floor and the third floor is said to be the most haunted in the entire building. This particular wing of the hotel overlooked Conneaut Lake. Our room was directly across from the Old Employee Hall where the spirit of Elizabeth is said to haunt (but more on that later).

While waiting for the event to start, my mom and I held a mini-EVP session. We also decided to try out my newest toy at the time, the SB-7… colorfully known as the Spirit Box on TV.

Almost as soon as we started our EVP session, you can hear seven thumps. I’m fairly anal about tagging noises during EVP sessions and I didn’t even react to this because I didn’t hear it. As the session went on, our neighbors began arriving and walking around but at the start of it all, we were the only ones in the hallway.

This one isn’t as crystal clear as some of the recordings we got on the DR-60, but I still hear something in response to my question, “How many people are in the room?” I hear the answer, “Six,” which is a little freaky because it was just me and my mom in there!

Not too exciting, but definitely an audible voice that we didn’t hear with our own ears at the time. What do you hear? All I can get is someone saying, “Mmhmm…

Last one from our room in Room 232! I can’t really make this out but maybe you can! Let me know what you hear in the comments below!

Room 323/321


This nice large room is supposedly the most haunted in the entire hotel. Books and articles have been written about it over the years and the stories that come out of it are wild. It’s still decorated in a very 70s-ish vibe and it’s said to be haunted by an angry man. He throws people’s hotel keys into the sink and he’s even shaken people awake. The most disturbing story came from a Ghosts N’at event where four different people in the room witnessed the same thing: a small, white creature crawled out from under the bed and darted towards the door.

Did I mention that Ghosts N’at likes to auction off a night in this room? So if you’re lucky (and brave) you might come face to face with the angry man… or the creepy inhuman creature lurking under the bed.

All of these recordings were picked up on the DR-60 so they’re a recording of a recording (so bear with me). For this particular question, we were holding a burst session and one of the guests asked, “Are you married?” The response that I hear is a crystal clear, “Yes.” Do you hear it?

Some members of our group were former employees of the hotel. When asked if the spirit recognized either of them, this is the response we got. Some people heard a sentence and were trying to make out what it said, all I could hear was a snicker, that sounded like, “Ha! Ha! Ha!” Which do you think it is?

This was the catch of the night! There’s no debating what this is. Brett was asking the entity for two loud knocks in response to his knocks. He does this twice… listen to how the entity responded! It was at this moment, I realized my dream in life was to own a DR-60…

Another little burst session led to the two questions, “Is this your favorite room?” and “Why do you stay here?” The response that most of us hear is, “Get out!” Do you hear it? Or do you think it’s saying something else?

The final EVP caught in Room 323/321 is directed right to Brett. We all heard a voice say, “Hello, Brett.” Do you think we heard it right?

Old Employee Hall

IMG_5909 (1)

I told you we’d talk more about the Old Employee Hall! Back in the olden days when the hotel was bustling with guests, the employees would be hidden away in their own living quarters. It’s a long and narrow hallway directly across from Room 232 and its where the famous ghost of Elizabeth now haunts.

According to legend, Elizabeth was spending her honeymoon at the hotel when a terrible storm blew through Conneaut Lake. The building was struck by lightning, starting a fire that destroyed much of the hotel and killed Elizabeth.

While wandering the halls, we tried to communicate through EVP as well as the SB-7 and got some unusual responses.

Now the SB-7 is a controversial piece of equipment–some people swear by it and some people think its poppycock. I tend to like it, especially when we add a blindfold and headphones to the mix. Because I left the headphones back in our room, we decided to play it out loud for everyone in the room to hear. At this point, I hear two voices: a man and a woman. The man sounds like he’s saying, “Don’t look,” and the woman is saying, “Look here.” You can hear my awkward voice in between them.

I’ve never heard this on my SB-7 before. It sounds like a lady screaming and it continues over several radio sweeps, meaning it wasn’t coming in from a song or commercial on a radio station.

This one hurts because you can clearly hear a woman’s voice but for the life of me, I can’t make out what she’s saying. Can you hear anything?

Third Floor


Like I said before, the third floor is supposed to be the most haunted. Room 323/321 is up there as well as the spirit of Elizabeth. According to legend, the third floor is also home to a little boy named Nicholas, known lovingly by the staff of the hotel and Ghosts N’at as Nick. The story claims that he was a guest in the hotel and was riding his tricycle along the third floor before he tragically fell down the stairs and died. Staff at the front desk have seen him so often, they’re able to recognize him… and they sense that he recognizes them too.

This was the final stop of the night and our second chance to play with a DR-60. As always, the results were clear, loud, and almost instantaneous. Most of the responses came in the form of bangs that we didn’t hear ourselves but the recorder picked up. I haven’t shared all of them because there were probably at least a dozen.

This was the loudest bang we got in response to the question, “What was your favorite ride at the amusement park?”

Here’s another set of knocking that is crystal clear and even has an echo. Several questions prior to it, a gentleman asked the spirit to finish the knock for him. He attempted “Shave and a haircut” but didn’t quite nail it. We joked afterward saying the spirit must have been confused so it took them longer to respond. Either way, it’s a great catch!

As we were trying to get answers from whoever/whatever was with us, someone decided to ask the spirit if they could tell us their name. Seeming to align with the stories of Hotel Conneaut, many of us heard the name, “Nick.

This is another intelligent response that we had a hard time deciphering. The question asked was, “How long have you been here?” Right away, I heard, “Since I died.” When I shared that this was what I heard, no one else could unhear it. Give it a listen and let me know what you think BEFORE you highlight what I think it says.


Hotel Conneaut was definitely a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t sure what to expect with a public hunt with so many people in not the largest space. But Ghosts N’at did a great job at moving traffic as well as offering us the chance to play with those beautiful DR-60s. I highly recommend an event with this group. You’ll at least enjoy a night in a haunted location, get to know some great investigators, and even get your hands on some of the best equipment out there right now.

If you’d like to join us on an upcoming Spook-Eats ghost hunt, we’ve still got tickets to the first public ghost hunt at the Ghostlight Theatre!

If you’d like to check out Ghosts N’at and their amazing events, check out their website… maybe I’ll see you at one of them!

If you own a haunted bar, cafe, hotel, or restaurant and you’d like us to check it out, reach out to us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.  If you have a favorite haunted hot spot with great food and atmosphere and you’d like to share it with us, hit us up on social media or leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you… Thanks for joining us, and Happy Haunting!

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