Why Do Ghosts Walk Through Walls?

We can’t be too sure, but this is a pretty compelling theory…

Many times, when you speak with someone who has witnessed an apparition, they claim it passed through a closed door, a solid wall, or even climbed a flight of stairs that is not there.

While ghosts and the paranormal is still a blossoming research field with no hard facts, this is still a detail that gets even the most experienced researcher scratching their heads. If spirits can potentially move objects to show their presence, then how might they be able to pass through solid objects such as walls?

One theory focuses on residual hauntings, and it is pretty compelling (as compelling as something can be in regards to the paranormal).

A residual haunt (for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term), is when a spirit seems to be playing on repeat. Maybe they always cry out at midnight or they’re forever walking down a specific hallway or looking out that one window in particular. They do not interact with the living in any way–no conversations, no acknowledgments, nothing. One might say that they are on “autopilot” reliving a specific moment in their life, even if it was hundreds of years ago.

5fb92b7661d687dbfa0afdba641cdddcIt’s possible that this “autopilot” mode goes even further and follows the path that a person may have walked in life. Perhaps there was a staircase in a home that has since been moved… yet that childlike ghost still plays on an unseen staircase. She may appear to float in the air to us, while to her, she is simply playing on the stairs. Maybe a new set of walls has been constructed recently, seemingly cutting off the path an apparition might follow. Our physical walls cannot interact with the residual journey that Victorian male ghost will eternally walk, making it appear as though he is walking right into a wall… when he is simply walking along a hallway that we no longer see.

Of course, these ideas are all still theories as there are no hard facts or science when it comes to ghosts and the paranormal. However, it does help to make sense of one of the more common traits we see in residual hauntings.

What do you think of this theory? Do you think it has some value or is it just a silly idea? Have you ever witnessed a spirit vanish through a solid object (I have! Ask me about it sometime!)? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  2. I had to get a priest up to bless my grandparents house after they saw & experienced numerous ‘ghosts’ he advised that exact same theory as you guys have. The spirits return to their home or workplace or whatever and it is the layout of their time there. So floors/walls and the like were different and that is the route they follow- to them they are walking on where the floor once was or through a door that existed in their time. Makes sense to me 🙂


  3. Yes it happened to me a few years ago. I was visiting a small 1920s house in the course of my work. I had been into every room for my survey and no one else was in the rooms. In the last room as I was sitting talking to the house owners a man in modern dress, carrying a piece of paper, walked out of the alcove wall in front of me, and walked past us and through an open door into the hallway. I asked the residents if they saw him but they didn’t know what I was talking about. The wall was the adjoining wall to the semi detached house next door. The man was middle aged, wearing grey flannel trousers navy blue jacket and a shirt and tie. I left the house and sat in my car shaking, I’ve never forgotten it. I’ve also had travel tickets go missing in my house and after looking all over for them they appeared spread out in a straight line across the arm of a sofa where I’d looked minutes before, I was alone in the house.


  4. My boyfriend had passed away in April 5th of 2019 from alcoholic and I have his urn in my room with me but since the time he has been gone I have been hearing him trying 2 talk 2 me and the voices of the way he talks 2 me was not like the way we talk it was more like a humble like voice trying 2 talk 2 me..so I think we really do need 2 pay attention 2 our loved ones that are trying 2 talk 2 us and send us a message!!!😮😇


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