Devil’s Hole: Strange & Unusual Spotlight

When the locals tell you an evil spirit lives in a cave, you should probably believe them.

The reputation of Devil’s Hole dates back to the days before European settlers arrived. According to Native American legends and lore, an evil spirit haunts the caves, especially the Devil’s Den. Many people report sensing a dark aura inside that cave, and some (aka me, Amanda, Spook-Eats) have even witnessed the remnants of animal sacrifice and black magic rituals inside the Devil’s Den.

devilsholebattle11The infamy of Devil’s Hole was engraved in the history of Western New York when, in 1763, 80 British soldiers were killed and scalped by a tribe of Native Americans. This ambush would become known as the Devil’s Hole Massacre, and many believe that the spirits of those soldiers still haunt their bloody final resting place.

Since then, the land has been considered cursed. No one learned that quicker than President William McKinley who visited Devil’s Hole only hours before his assassination (by my Great-Great-Great-Uncle Leon).

Learn more about Devil’s Hole in our Haunted Atlas of Western New York coming Fall 2019.

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