The Ghosts of Culloden

You’ve wept for them in Outlander, but did you know you can actually visit the doomed Culloden Moor?

I’m living my Outlander fangirl dreams right now, wandering the Battlefield of Culloden and looking for the likes of Jaime, Angus, Dougal, and Murtagh. But behind the hit book/TV series, there was an actual bloody battle that took place in the moor just outside Inverness. And for some, the battle has never ended.

Photo: Earth Explorer

Culloden was the last battle ever fought on British soil on April 16, 1746. The Jacobite army fighting for Bonnie Prince Charlie was wiped out by the British in less than an hour (spoiler alert if you haven’t watched Outlander season two). It put an end to the Jacobite cause and nearly wiped out the Highlander way of life for centuries.

Today, Culloden is said to be haunted by the soldiers who lost their lives on the battlefield. On April 16th, you can hear the ghostly battle cries of the Jacobite soldiers charging across the moor and even the sound of swords clashing together. Visitors report seeing shadowy figures near the clans’ memorials. And some even say that birds refuse to sing in the presence of the graves.

Whether you believe in the ghost stories or not, Culloden is a haunting place with a heaviness that will leave anyone feeling somber and whistful, forever wondering what might have been.

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