Devil Wrestling in Stirling

If you preach against the “Devil’s Drink,” nothing good can come of it…


Photo: Graveyards of Scotland

I’m in Stirling, Scotland, today. The city was once the capital of Scotland, and its Old Town is considered by some to be “the most densely populated supernatural square mile in all of Scotland.” Folklore and fables mix with history and fact to create a unique paranormal experience, and my favorite tale goes to Blind Alick Lyon.


Our story begins in the late 18th-early 19th Century when a blind preacher named (you guessed) Alick Lyon would visit pubs in the Old Town, preaching against the Devil’s Drink. When thrown out of the pubs, Alick would march confidently into the darkness to his home.

One night, as the revelers were leaving their watering hole, they spotted a pair of figures on a hill in the Old Churchyard. The two were locked in a heated battle, clearly struggling for the upper hand. The drunk men recognized the one as Blind Alick, and the other was said to be the Devil, himself. As Alick plunged his beloved Bible into the Devil’s black heart, they both vanished into thin air.

I wonder if witnessing such a thing made the drunkards question that last pint of ale?

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