Liverpool’s Penny Lane Poltergeist

We all know Penny Lane has a barber showing photographs… but a poltergeist? That’s news to us!



I’ve just arrived in Liverpool! Most famously home to the Fab Four–John, Paul, George, and Ringo–Liverpool has an incredibly impressive haunted scene. But since my father raised me on the Beatles, it seems only fitting that we check out a Beatles haunt. No, I’m not talking about the Cavern Club (though that is supposedly haunted too, even though it’s a reconstruction). I’m talking about the Penny Lane Poltergeist.


The street is named after the Liverpool merchant, slave ship owner, anti-abolitionist, and all-around jerk: James Penny. [Not so fun fact: Liverpool is also (in)famous for its role in the slave trade.] The first reports of paranormal activity date to 1890 when residents reported seeing a white and blue glowing orb float its way down to Penny Lane.

The activity continued over the years. When horses couldn’t carry their loads or the beer was sour, the “witch” of Penny Lane was always to blame. By the time the 1930s rolled around, Number 44 was the center of the poltergeist activity. Residents and neighbors reported hearing loud thumps, and floorboards would shake violently. It got so bad, the family fled from the house.

Penny_Lane_Liverpool_01During World War II and the years following, the poltergeist fell quiet but returned in 1955 in the form of a blonde girl. She is always seen in the upper floor of Number 44, brushing her hair. She has manifested in front of crowds, sometimes even in broad daylight. The spirit of the young girl and the poltergeist activity vanished once more until 1971 when it returned full force.

The Penny Lane Poltergeist has been quiet in recent years. But with its predictable cycles of activity and hibernation, it’s sure to appear again sometime soon. I wonder if the poltergeist is a Beatles fan?

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  1. I lived in the flat for two years as a student in the late 80s. Had no idea about the ghost. Bit gutted I didn’t get a visit.


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