Black Shuck

You’ve heard the Led Zeppelin song, but do you know that the infamous black dog has made several appearances throughout history?

The ghostly canine (sometimes known as a hellhound) has been part of the folklore of East Anglia and the British Isles for centuries.

Described as a black dog with glowing red eyes (in some reports, he only has one), he makes no sound when he moves. Many stories claim that if you see him, you’re sure to die within the year. Other reports say that he is friendly and acts as a sort of companion.

Photo: William Hussey

The name Shuck comes from the Old English word scucca, meaning “devil” or “fiend.”


Black Shuck’s most famous appearance dates back to 1577 in Suffolk. He appeared in two churches on the same day: Holy Trinity Church in Blythburgh and St. Mary’s Church in Bungay. According to reports, the dog ran up the nave, killing a man and a boy, and in Blythburgh, he left a scorch mark on the door that you can still see today.

Black Shuck is just one of multiple hellhound legends and tales. But here’s the question: if Cerberus and Black Shuck were to get into a fight, who would win?

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