New York: Stockton Hotel

A local favorite in the Chautauqua Lake region is home to more than just spirits in the bar…

Photo: The Stockton Hotel

The History: Formerly known as Delanti, Stockton has been a bustling country town near Chautauqua Lake since the early 19th century. In 1812, a man named Abel Thompson came to town and purchased the land that the Stockton Hotel sits upon today. Despite the fact that the structure he built burnt down over a century ago, the foundation is still a part of the current building you see today. The Stockton Hotel, itself, was built in 1899 and it has acted as a hotel and restaurant ever since. Today, it serves Stockton and the surrounding towns as a restaurant, bar, and banquet hall.

IMG_3138The Haunting: Having exchanged hands in recent years, many of the paranormal claims and ghost stories are now lost. However, there are legends and stories exchanged among the staff, and if you’re curious, all you have to do is ask to hear them. There is a legend of a young man who tried to commit suicide by hanging up in the attic (strangely enough, a rope still hangs from the rafters). A woman in 19th-century clothes has been seen in the bathroom on the upper floor which Ginger (the current general manager) believes was once a brothel. Staff members refuse to go in the basement, claiming food items have flown off the shelves in the cooler and some have also reported hearing the sound of footsteps walking by.

Spooky Rating:

There is a lot of love that has gone into this place. As soon as you walk in, there is an “olde-timey” feel with the tin ceiling and vintage decor, including antique photos of the hotel. And while I didn’t experience anything paranormal, myself, Ginger and her daughter, Brandi, were hungry to share their beautiful building with Spook-Eats. We explored the entire establishment from the attic, the banquet hall, dining room, and even the basement. The EMF detector went crazy in the dining room (spiking up as high as 54) but was locked in at zero in the attic and basement. No one can pinpoint any real ghost stories, but when we jokingly mentioned to one of the young men working there that we were looking for ghosts, his response was, “You’ll probably find one.”

Yummy Rating:

The Stockton Hotel may be known for their fish fry and Western New York platter, but they have such a unique and varied menu it might be difficult to figure out what to order! With prices that won’t break the bank, you can try everything from deep-fried pickles (complete with boom boom sauce), sandwiches, seafood, and local Chautauqua Lake wines. The flavors were powerful and committed (imagine Cajun seasoning actually being spicy!), the portions were generous, and there were things on the menu I had never seen before! In particular: dry rub chicken wings. Of course, there were over a dozen sauces for your wings (this is Western New York after all!), but they also offered “dry shake” flavors. I ordered the Western New York sampler and if you’re not from the area, you have to order this. For $13, it comes with five chicken wings (good luck choosing which sauce to toss it in), two mini beef on wecks, french fries, and on Fridays, you can also get a little fish fry option for an additional $2. Oh, and did we mention they make a Bloody Mary with cucumber lime vodka? Yes… you need one… and one of Nana’s homemade peanut butter pies (just trust me on this one).

Type of Experience: Restaurant and Bar

Dining Style: Casual

Cuisine:  American

Price Range: $4.99-24.99

Address: 2 S Main St, Stockton, New York 14784 HOWEVER this address took me to the wrong location. I’d recommend using the address: 7293 S. Main St, Stockton, New York 14784

Phone Number: (716) 595-3505


Hours of Operation:
Monday-Tuesday: 4:00-10:00pm

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