Iowa: Hardee’s

Yes, you read that right: a Hardee’s…

6806856230_e88d0f9abc_bThe History: Hardee’s is one of the lesser known fast food joints in America (when compared to the giants like McDonald’s and Burger King). Found primarily in the South and Midwest, Hardee’s began selling burgers, fried chicken, and biscuits in the 1960s. Today, Hardee’s can be found all over the world and it’s considered, by many, to be a higher-end fast food chain. The West Union Hardee’s is situated along Highway 150 in the middle of Iowa, offering cheap and fast food for travelers making their way through Iowa.

maxresdefaultThe Haunting: For a location that has not been around for that long, the West Union Hardee’s has a surprisingly dark reputation. According to legend, Highway 150, as well as the Hardee’s, was built on top of an old 19th-Century cemetery, and the bodies were never moved. This has led to the haunting in the unsuspecting Hardee’s. Employees of the restaurant report items moving and going missing in the kitchen as well as their names being called out when no one else is around. There’s another story of an Ouija board incident where supposedly one of the spirits in the restaurant possessed a moth which attacked one of the employee’s faces.

Spooky Rating:

Sometimes stories like to evolve, and that is the case with the West Union Hardee’s. The legend says the restaurant was built on a cemetery. The truth is that the 19th-Century cemetery is just down the road. But to say that a restaurant is built directly on top of the deceased definitely adds to a ghost story. While I was there, I did not experience any emotions or cold spots nor did I capture any EVPs. However, other people that I’ve spoken to have said that they felt an overwhelming sense of sadness that they couldn’t explain.

Yummy Rating:

Let’s be honest: it’s a fast food joint. There is nothing unique or original about the food at Hardee’s–it was good, but nothing incredible. That being said, this is the cheapest haunted restaurant that you will probably ever find (I spent $6 and got two sliders, fries, a soda, AND a cookie!). If you’re just starting out on your haunted restaurant journey, this is a good first stop. You’ll find decent food and a few spooky stories… then you can work up to the more expensive, history-rich locales.

Type of Experience: Restaurant

Dining Style: Fast Food

Cuisine: Burgers

Price Range: $.99-18.99

Address: 117 Iowa 150, West Union, Iowa 52175

Phone Number: (563) 422-5411


Hours of Operation:
Sunday: 7:00am-10:00pm
Monday-Thursday: 6:00am-10:00pm
Friday-Saturday: 6:00am-11:00pm

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