Pennsylvania: Skytop Lodge

A haunted lodge nestled in the middle of the mountains… Definitely doesn’t sound like The Shining

97fd3271445e37dd8aa32b1acf7a4f62The History: After World War I, Americans were optimistic about the future while also hoping to enjoy the present (which would eventually lead to the Great Depression, but let’s not dwell on the negatives). This wide-eyed hopeful outlook was especially found in four men–John Stubbs, Frederic Smith, Earl Mayne, and Sam Packer–leading them to purchase 2,500 acres of farmland on West Mountain in the Poconos. Opened in 1928, Skytop has always been a place of rustic elegance and not much has changed over the last 90 years.

Skytop_Lodge_HistoryThe Haunting: At first glance, Skytop Lodge doesn’t look as if it would be haunted. Sure, it’s been around for 90 years and it still clings to that old world look of things, making it feel a bit unnerving, but aside from that, its filled with people hoping to enjoy nature or a round of golf. But after years of claims from guests, the hotel decided to conduct an EVP session, which resulted in identifying some of the spirits still haunting the halls of the lodge. The first spirit is said to be that of a World War II veteran. He’s said to be a bit on the grumpy side and makes himself known by banging on walls and moving objects when no one is looking. The second spirit is a young boy who is forever searching for his parents. One might hope that a place as beautiful as Skytop Lodge would be a fine place to spend eternity, but it appears as if none of the spirits are happy about where they’ve ended up.

Spooky Rating:

Skytop Lodge definitely gives off an air reminiscent of the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, including its desire to mask its haunting with poise and elegance. There is very little information available about the history of the place, much less the haunting. The resort is a beautiful place to visit, but don’t expect to hear stories from staff and guests about any paranormal activity.

Yummy Rating:

While visiting Skytop Lodge, I was completely unaware that it was haunted. In fact, I was a guest at a pediatric cancer conference, working with the bereaved siblings. Because of that, I was not knowingly trying food and drinks. That being said, they have a bar nestled off to the side which is my definition of heaven: The Library. The walls are filled with shelves of books, the overstuffed armchairs surround enormous fireplaces, and they make the best dirty martini I’ve probably ever had. I did enjoy the food while I was there, but I returned every night for that martini… or two…

Type of Experience: Hotel, Bar, and Restaurant

Dining Style: Casual- Resort Casual

Cuisine: Ice Cream, American, Seasonal

Price Range: $7-39

Address: One Skytop Lodge Road, Skytop, PA 18357

Phone Number: (570) 257-2114


Hours of Operation:
Daily. Check website for current seasonal hours.

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