Pendulums: Freaking Facts

They may be used to keep antique clocks working, but do you know that you can use them for ghost hunting, too?

r0_0_5184_3456_w1200_h678_fmaxPendulums are one of the many tools used by ghost hunters and psychic mediums in the hopes of picking up energy and connecting with spirits. They work similarly to dowsing rods when it comes to detecting energies in a space and K2 meters or other devices used during EVP sessions.

The idea is that the individual (usually a medium) holds the chain of the pendulum between their forefinger and thumb, and begins to ask yes or no questions. In theory, the pendulum will swing in different ways depending on the answers (ex: swing to the right for “yes” and left for “no” or clockwise vs. counterclockwise). The movements can be subtle, or the pendulums can swing so violently that the weight rips off.

Some skeptics compare pendulums to Ouija boards where the person asking the questions also unconsciously answers the questions through the pendulum. However, those who believe in the authenticity of pendulums, say they should only be used by those who can control their own energy and keep it safely separated from the energy in the pendulum.

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