Investigating at Night: Freaky Facts

Everyone loves watching ghost hunting shows. And we always see them investigating at night. But do you have to investigate at night?

GhostAdventures8Many people believe that if you want to investigate paranormal claims, you have to do it at night. This could not be more wrong. In fact, you might get better evidence during the day–after all, the spirits of the people you are hunting did most of their living while the sun was up! So if the chances of you collecting evidence are higher during the day, why do we hunt at night? Well, several reasons!

Firstly, unless you’re Zak Bagans, ghost hunting is not a full-time job, nor does it pay the bills. Because of that, many people have a daytime job, and ghost hunting is something they do in their free time (like nights and weekends).

Another reason is the equipment being used. Many paranormal investigators use infrared cameras that pick up certain anomalies that regular cameras might miss. Because of that, people will choose to investigate at night… or at least in the dark.

Nighttime is also a time when businesses are closed. Many places that are investigated are public spaces, and because of that, investigators have to wait for the regular business hours to end before they can go in and take over the place with their cameras, EMF detectors, and spirit boxes.

So, no, you don’t have to investigate at night, but you likely will. Here’s hoping the ghosts are night owls!

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