Fury of the Demon: Strange & Unusual Spotlight

Strange & Unusual Spotlight:
Fury of the Demon
Silent Film
Curses Audience

Very few film aficionados have ever heard of Fury of the Demon. Fewer have actually seen it. And fewer still, have lived to tell the tale.

fury of the demonAccording to legend, Fury of the Demon is a silent French film made by Georges Méliès in 1897 and is supposedly one of the most overwhelming cinematic experiences out there. The film focuses on devils and human sacrifice and is said to drive the audience into a violent fit of insanity that has resulted in deaths the three times the film has been screened.

What adds to the enigma of Fury of the Demon, is that no one can confirm if this film even truly exists. According to the lore of the film, it was screened in 1897 which resulted in a violent fight and three deaths. The film went missing for over 40 years only to be shown again in 1939 where six people died in a fire. Supposedly, the last screening was in 2012 which also ended in a violent brawl. Yet still, no one can confirm if the film exists or if this is a 121-year-old hoax.

IMG_0672It is believed that the film was cursed by Méliès’s protégé, Victor Sicarius, who was somehow connected to the occult. Some think he sold his soul to the Devil and cursed the film to drive viewers mad. Others believe that the film does not exist, but the curse does, Sicarius somehow bewitching people to think they’ve seen the movie and filling their head with demonic imagery.

Either way, the mystery of Fury of the Demon continues to confound believer and nonbelievers. Who knows? Maybe it’ll reappear in another 50 years and finally give us some answers (without too high of a body count).

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