Black-Eyed Children: Freaky Facts

Who knew a modern-day urban legend could be so chilling? 

Black-eyed children are just as they sound: supernatural beings that resemble children from 6-16 years old with pale skin and black eyes, usually wearing out of date or strange clothing. They are typically found hitchhiking or begging for money or food along abandoned streets and even on people’s doorsteps.

blackeyedchildren-photomanipulationOne wouldn’t think that children would be too frightening, however, the #1 claim that everyone shares in their encounter with the black-eyed children is an overwhelming sense of terror. Because of this sense of horror, there are no stories about what happens when you allow a black-eyed child into your car or home because everyone claims to flee upon meeting a black-eyed child.

The black-eyed children date back to the 1950s, but the most famous encounter came from the journalist, Brian Bethel, in 1996 and they are now considered a part of creepypasta internet lore (however, people who have had encounters with the children insist that they’re real). Are they vampires? Aliens? Demons? No one knows for sure.

The stories of the black-eyed children are unnerving, but it isn’t really that terrifying if you stop and think about it. Children, dressed in out of date clothes, with black eyes, standing back and staring at you, begging to be let in your car or house. The simplicity of the story makes us think that maybe, just maybe, there is some truth to these claims. Let’s just hope you don’t find out the hard way and bump into a black-eyed child the next time you’re driving home late at night, alone, in the dark.

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