Ashes in the Haunted Mansion: Freaky Facts

There are claims that the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World is home to some actual ghosts, but did you know that the spirits of the deceased might not be the only thing lurking in the darkness of the Gracey Mansion?

Apparently, people like to scatter their loved ones’ ashes while on the ride.

In a way, it seems like a fitting final resting place. Disney fans are able to spend eternity among those grim grinning ghosts (heck, I wouldn’t mind haunting Disney World!). However, it looks like Disney isn’t too fond of that sentiment. The scattering of these unwanted ashes is such a prevalent problem, they actually have a special vacuum that is able to clean up human remains.

Moral of the story: please don’t spread gramma’s ashes on the Haunted Mansion… I doubt she wants to spend eternity in a vacuum cleaner.

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