George (Pirates of the Caribbean Ghost): Strange & Unusual Spotlight

Strange & Unusual Spotlight:
Pirates of the Caribbean ghost
Former Disney cast member

Continuing on in our spooky Walt Disney World week, let’s talk about Disney World’s most famous specter: George.

According to legend, George was a young welder working on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in the early 1970s. Some claim he was crushed by a beam, others say he fell from a tower in the “burning city.” Either way, poor George met his untimely death helping to create the iconic ride, and it seems as if he’s never left.

george's towerCast members claim to hear ghostly footsteps when no one else is around. There are phone calls from the empty control room with no one on the other end. And even full body apparitions appear throughout the ride. And according to some stories, there is a tower to the right of the burning city. This is known as “George’s Tower,” and if you see the light burning in the tower, it means that George is present and watching over the ride.

With such big claims of this haunting, Disney still hasn’t officially acknowledged George (at least not yet). However, every morning and evening, cast members make sure to wish him a “good morning” and a “good night,” and if George isn’t happy with how things are running, the ride will unexpectedly malfunction for no reason (which, if you’ve ever been on this attraction, you’ll find that happens a lot).

To learn more about George, check out this great video from Ghost Hunters‘, Grant:

Have you ever experienced anything unexplained on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction? Are you a cast member at Pirates? Do you believe in George? 

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