What Are Orbs? Freaky Facts

The most common form of paranormal evidence that investigators claim to possess is photos of orbs. But what are they? And are they even legit?

According to most paranormal researchers, orbs are the organic manifestation of a spirit, usually in the shape of a sphere or an oblong with a tail. Sometimes they can be caught on camera or even seen with the naked eye! It’s the most common form of physical evidence for spirits and there’s a very good reason why…

… most of the time, photographs of orbs are nothing more than an optical illusion.

Outside of Gettysburg College

For novice ghost hunters, catching an orb is the highlight of an investigation. However, the majority of the time, what they’re catching isn’t the orb of a spirit but rather a reflection from the camera’s flash bouncing off of dust, moisture, or a bug. Generally, these images can be debunked if there are a lot of “orbs” in the image.

However, it is possible to catch something that cannot be explained away by the reflection of the camera’s flash. These are what investigators and researchers take notice of. Sometimes they appear luminescent or solid, and sometimes they can even be a different color.

It’s possible to catch a spirit in the form of an orb in a photo but be careful–you might want to double check that the room isn’t simply dusty before you show your friends your incredible find.

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