Pre-Made Presentations

Whether you’re looking to make Christmas creepy again, interested in sharing women’s history, or want to start an interesting conversation about Ouija boards and Spiritualism, you can choose from these pre-made presentations for your event!

Prices are cheaper than personalized presentations. Prices shown are the starting point and an additional cost will be added based on travel time.

Christmas Monsters

Starts at $60

Get to know the original characters of Christmas before Santa Claus such as Krampus, the Yule Cat, the Tomtar, and others. Available for purchase will be the picture book, Krampus’s Great Big Book of Yuletide Monsters. Can be made for kids or adults.

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Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories

Starts at $70

Charles Dickens wasn’t the only one to write a Christmas ghost story! Learn why the Victorians loved to tell ghost stories on Christmas Eve and why the tradition never quite took off in America. Then, hear an actual ghost story written in the 1800s. Included is a recipe card for a traditional Victorian Christmas dish for each guest to take home. Available for purchase will be A Very Frightful Victorian Christmas, filled with twelve Victorian ghost stories and six traditional recipes.

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Women in the Paranormal

Starts at $65

Women have been part of the paranormal since the beginning… so why does no one know their names? Get to know some of the ladies who helped found paranormal research and investigation as we know it today, including Catherine Crowe and Eleanor Sidgwick (pictured here) of the 19th Century, Mary Hyre of the Mothman case, and Lorraine Warren of The Conjuring fame. Available for purchase will be volumes of The Feminine Macabre, the all-female paranormal journal started by Amanda.

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Demystifying the Ouija

Starts at $60

Thanks to Hollywood and modern paranormal reality TV, Ouija boards have gotten a terrifying reputation. But up until the mid-20th Century, it was seen as merely a game. Learn how the Ouija board was used as a viable way to communicate with the dead within certain groups, how Ouija-mania was used to imprison innocent women in the 1920s, how Ouija became evil, and how modern-day paranormal investigators are trying to clear the name of the Ouija board.

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The Spiritualists and the Suffragists

Starts at $60

Learn a brief history of the Spiritualist Movement (which started right here in Western New York!), the Fox Sisters (pictured here), and the evolution of mediumship as the 19th Century transformed into the 20th Century. We’ll look at how physical mediumship was a viable job for women in a time when opportunities were scarce and how the Spiritualist Movement connected to the Suffragist and Women’s Rights Movement.

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