The Feminine Macabre

Enter the World of the Feminine Macabre…

A Woman’s Journal of All Things Strange and Unusual

Volume I

With foreword by psychic and “good witch,” Patti Negri, Volume 1 features the work of Allison Jornlin, Amelia Cotter, Jennifer Jones, and more!

Available March 8, 2021


Volume II

With foreword by psychic, occultist, singer, and author, Michelle Belanger, Volume II features the work of Emily Wayland, Zo Jacobi, Amy L. Bennett, and more!



Volume III

Do you identify as female or non-binary? Are you interested in the paranormal such as hauntings, the occult, witchcraft, cryptids, death culture, folklore, dark history, tarot, or anything else strange and unusual? Consider submitting to Volume III, coming Spring 2022.

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