WANTED: Writing Submissions for Upcoming Female Paranormal Investigator Journal

Spook-Eats is looking to start a new journal that highlights the hard work of women in the paranormal.

As a female in the paranormal, I’ve found that sometimes, it’s difficult for women to have their voices heard and their work highlighted. That’s why I’m compiling the writings and works of female paranormal researchers, historians, and investigators from all over the globe!

I am looking for non-fiction writings only at this time. If you’re interested in submitting, check out the guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your unpublished works on ghosts, folklore, the occult, witchcraft, dark history, investigations, cemetery art, voodoo, tarot, parapsychology research, women in the field, etc. with a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 5,000 words. Please email it as a WORD Document labeled with your NAME and the TITLE of your work. Send your submission to spookeats@gmail.com with FEMALE JOURNAL SUBMISSION as the subject.

Photos/illustrations should either be your own or in the public domain. Please place the images in the document where you would like them to appear. We will read through each article and edit as needed with spelling, grammar, etc., but please be sure to send us a polished piece of writing. We may have to edit your piece for length. By submitting, you agree to us editing your piece as we deem necessary.

Please also include a short bio and headshot to be included in the journal. Your bio should be 200 words or less.

This is open to women worldwide.


Like I said before, Spook-Eats is a one-woman business (and I’m also a new mama now!). I’ll be reading through each piece but won’t have time to respond to everyone. You will not hear from us if we decide to pass on your submission. But don’t be discouraged! Depending on the success of the first edition, there could be many more opportunities to come! You will only hear from us if we decide to publish your work.


At the moment, Spook-Eats is unable to pay writers for articles. Writers will be given two free copies of the journal as well as a chance to purchase additional copies at the wholesale price in order to resell them on their own. Again, depending on the success of this little journal, this may change in the future!


Submissions for Volume 1 are CLOSED. Submissions for Volume 2 will open in the Spring for an August 2021 release. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “WANTED: Writing Submissions for Upcoming Female Paranormal Investigator Journal

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  1. Does this need to be informational/research based or could it be more of an artistic expression of discovery and revelation?


  2. I am so excited about this! The paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical has been an ongoing love of mine. I’m having a few people read my finished article to give me feedback. I really want my article to have a good flow, and to be easily readable.


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