WANTED: Writing Submissions for The Feminine Macabre

Spook-Eats is looking for submissions for the new journal that highlights the hard work of female (cis or trans)/non-binary individuals in the paranormal.

As a female in the paranormal, I’ve found that sometimes, it’s difficult for women to have their voices heard and their work highlighted. That’s why I’m compiling the writings and works of female paranormal researchers, historians, and investigators from all over the globe!

I am looking for non-fiction writings only at this time. Keep in mind that this is a journal with the intention of sharing knowledge and educating readers. While I love hearing people’s personal stories, they are less likely to be accepted. We also get multiple submissions highlighting haunted locations. To have a better chance of being accepted, try to think outside the box! Consider highlighting a woman in the paranormal, sharing your research, explaining a theory you have, teaching people to use tarot or tap into their psychic abilities (DIY articles are always a hit!). These are just a few ideas. If you need inspiration, consider purchasing a copy of The Feminine Macabre to see what got accepted in the past!

If you’re interested in submitting, check out the guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your unpublished works on ghosts, folklore, the occult, witchcraft, cryptids, dark history, investigations, cemetery art, voodoo, tarot, parapsychology research, women in the field, etc. with a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 5,000 words. Please email it as a WORD Document labeled with your NAME and the TITLE of your work. Please format your Word Document with 12-point Times New Roman and double spaced (and please remove spaces between paragraphs). Send your submission to spookeats@gmail.com with FEMALE JOURNAL SUBMISSION as the subject.

Photos/illustrations should either be your own or in the public domain. Please place the images in the document where you would like them to appear. I will read through each article and edit as needed with spelling, grammar, etc., but please be sure to send me a polished piece of writing (I am less likely to accept a piece if I have to heavily edit the writing or if I struggle to understand what is trying to be said). I may have to edit your piece for length. By submitting, you agree to me editing your piece as I deem necessary.

You are welcome to submit multiple pieces. However, only one will be accepted for the journal at a time. Also, women who were published in previous volumes are more than welcome to submit again.

Please also include a short bio and headshot to be included in the journal. Your bio should be 200 words or less and in the third-person.

Please attach your works cited, bio, and headshot in the same Word Document as your essay.

This is open worldwide.


As of Volume 2, we are now accepting artwork. If you are a psychic artist that uses art in your mediumship, I would love to include your artwork! Keep in mind that the journal is printed in grayscale so any colors will not show. It is recommended that you include a bit of writing with your artwork as well–your creative process, how others might tap into their spiritual/psychic artistic skills, and/or the meaning behind the piece are just a few ideas of what you could write about.

Non-Binary Writers

I want to include as many under-represented individuals as possible, so I encourage you to join us! I am working with some of my non-binary friends in the paranormal community to make The Feminine Macabre a safe and comfortable place for everyone. I am adding an additional section in the journal for writers who identify as non-binary, so this will be a journal with ladies and theydies!


Like I said before, Spook-Eats is a one-woman business (and I’m also a new mama now!). I’ll be reading through each piece but won’t necessarily have time to respond to everyone. You will not hear from me if I decide to pass on your submission. But don’t be discouraged! I hope you’ll continue to submit for upcoming volumes! You will only hear from me if I decide to publish your work.


At the moment, Spook-Eats is unable to pay writers for articles. Writers will be given one free copy of the journal as well as a chance to purchase additional copies at the wholesale price in order to resell them on their own. Again, depending on the success of this little journal, this may change in the future!


Submissions for Volume 6 will be open from September 1-January 1, 2023 for a Spring Equinox 2024 release.

I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with!



11 thoughts on “WANTED: Writing Submissions for The Feminine Macabre

Add yours

  1. Does this need to be informational/research based or could it be more of an artistic expression of discovery and revelation?


  2. I am so excited about this! The paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical has been an ongoing love of mine. I’m having a few people read my finished article to give me feedback. I really want my article to have a good flow, and to be easily readable.


  3. You said put it altogether-including pictures, so I did. If like them separate, let me know. I have my headshot and the one picture of a witch bottle that belongs to a friend as jpgs. Just submitted.


  4. Currently reading volume 2 and I’m in awe! I’m sad I missed the submission deadline for this spring but looking forward to sending something next time you’re collecting work.


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