EVP Caught at The Red Onion Saloon

Check out this EVP caught during a radio interview with the curator of the Red Onion Saloon’s brothel museum!

The Red Onion Saloon is the most haunted building in Alaska and one of the most haunted brothels in the entire country!

I sat down (virtually) with Cori inside the brothel, itself, now thought to be the eternal home of Lydia, one of its former working girls.

In the clip, you’ll hear Cori describing how prostitutes in Skagway would use the color red to advertise their services. You’ll hear my voice. And you’ll hear a third voice. As always, it’s best to listen to EVPs with headphones.

I hear the words, “I’m the opposite.” What do you hear?

Could this be Lydia?

Let us know what you hear in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “EVP Caught at The Red Onion Saloon

Add yours

  1. To me the voice sounds like it’s saying “I’m NOT…….” after Not it’s hard to tell, but sounds like the voice is a bit indignant about being connected with the red color.


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