Meet Baby Spook-Eats

Spook-Eats just got its newest (and tiniest) investigator!

Spook-Eats has gotten a bit quiet over the last few weeks. Not nearly as many podcasts, interviews, or articles… and for good reason!

On Thursday, Augusts 27th, Mr. Spook-Eats and I welcomed our first child–a little boy named Tobias Jedidiah.

For those of you who have followed Spook-Eats over the last few years, you might recognize Toby’s middle name. It’s my little brother’s name and we gave it to Toby to keep them close and connected.

In 2015, my brother, Jed, passed away after a battle with pediatric cancer. It was his death that really propelled my passion in the paranormal and the reason why I started Spook-Eats. He’s still an integral part in our lives… Toby’s too.

The love that the paranormal community has shown Toby is already so overwhelming and once life returns to “normal,” I can’t wait to bring him on some spooky adventures!

Welcome to the world, Toby! Don’t forget to stay a little weird…

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  1. How darling! I simply adore this little photo op you were able to put together. Sending all the spooky love from a fellow mom who welcomed a new one into the world during a very very weird time. Congratulations!


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