The Spirit Guide: Buffalo Trace Distillery

It’s a National Historic Landmark. It’s the world’s most award-winning distillery. It’s said to be the oldest continuously operating distillery in the United States. And it also just so happens to be ridiculously haunted.

Welcome to Buffalo Trace Distillery, possibly one of the most famous distilleries in America.

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Trace Distillery

With over 500 awards under their belt, at least a dozen self-produced brands, and a shiny new name to enter the 21st Century, Buffalo Trace is still producing ground-breaking liquid libations. They offer both hard beverages for the grown-ups and even some softer drinks for the little ones.

Their old-timey homemade soda uses natural herds and is flavored with birch oil and vanilla. Did we mention it’s named after a third-generation employee of the distillery? In fact, Freddie J. Johnson’s grandfather is at the heart of the most fascinating supernatural encounter at the distillery.

According to legend, Warehouse C (which dates back to 1885) is the epicenter of the paranormal activity on the grounds of Buffalo Trace.

In the early 20th Century, Grandpa Johnson was inside the warehouse while his men took a break from moving barrels filled with bourbon. Out of nowhere, a voice whispered in his ear, “Get your men out of the way! Move now!” Luckily for everyone involved, Johnson quickly removed his men from the scene, just before the brick wall came tumbling down.

It might sound unbelievable—a phantom voice warning of a deadly disaster in the nick of time—but you can see the line in the masonry along the wall where the old brick meets the new replacement. Many believe that the voice belonged to former 19th Century owner, Colonel E.H. Taylor…

Learn more about Buffalo Trace Distillery’s haunting in The Spirit Guide: America’s Haunted Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries coming July 2020! 

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