The Spirit Guide: Brushy Mountain Distillery

Moonshine legally made behind bars? Welcome to Brushy Mountain!

Photo courtesy of Brushy Mountain Group

It’s one of the few places in the country (if not the only place) where moonshine is being distilled legally behind bars. What was once Tennessee’s most notorious, maximum-security prison is now a popular destination for those looking for a unique line of moonshine. With its violent history that predates the prison itself, it should come as no surprise that spirits don’t remain in just the bottles at Brushy Mountain.

Brushy Mountain Distillery is housed inside the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. The prison opened in 1896 and only closed its doors in 2009.

Plans to repurpose the historic prison began in 2012, and Brushy Mountain Distillery only opened in 2018. But don’t let its age (or lack thereof) fool you. They are already creating some of the most unique spirits found in Tennessee.

Photo courtesy of Brushy Mountain Group

Using local grains, local natural spring water, and (of course) local distillers, Brushy Mountain has already released 10 creative flavors of moonshine such as apple pie, blackberry, honey, fruit punch, frosted orange, peach cobbler, cinnarum, and butterscotch.

With moonshine this delicious, it’s easy to forget that you’re enjoying it in a former prison. A haunted former prison to be precise.

There is paranormal activity all throughout this jail turned distillery, and with such a violent past, many fear that the haunting is just as intense.

People have been touched, shoved, scratched, and even growled at. Shadowy figures have been spotted over the years, and many members of tour groups have claimed to hear whispers and loud bangs. Service animals tend to avoid solitary confinement, where some of the worst prisoners were kept isolated…

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