Silver Lake Serpent: Strange & Unusual Spotlight

You’ve heard of Nessie and Champ, but is there a monster lurking in the tiny Silver Lake in Perry, New York?

New York has her fair share of lakes from the Great Lakes and the Finger Lakes in the West to Lake George and Lake Champlain in the east. It seems that with every lake, there comes a lake monster. Silver Lake in Perry, which is less than ten miles northwest of Letchworth State Park, has its own sea monster (sans the sea, of course) which put the little town of Perry on the map in the 1800s.

SerpentOn July 13, 1855, five men and two boys were out in the middle of the lake fishing in the twilight. Each of them reported seeing something unnerving in the water near their boat. What they first thought was just a log, began to move and eventually, they spotted what would be dubbed the Silver Lake Serpent. According to the reports of the men, the creature ran about 60 feet long and had glowing red eyes. This may sound a bit dramatic (especially the red eyes bit), but over a hundred other people claimed to see the monster throughout the rest of the summer.

Bounty hunters, fishermen, and those merely curious about the beast made their way to Perry, and the local hotels “struck a bonanza.” But was the Silver Lake Serpent everything it appeared to be?

Learn more about the Silver Lake Serpent in our Haunted Atlas of Western New York coming Fall 2019.

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