Screaming Wells: Strange & Unusual

Strange & Unusual Spotlight
The Screaming Well
Urban Legend
Paranormal Phenomenon

Nothing could be quite as terrifying as wandering through a forest at night, only to hear the sound of someone shrieking in the distance. But if you venture to Hutchinson, Kansas, you might stumble upon what locals have dubbed The Screaming Well.

According to local legend and paranormal enthusiasts, disembodied voices and screams can be heard coming from the old, abandoned well. Some believe that a small child fell into the well years ago, and died, leading to the haunting. Today, the outer walls are crumbling, making it a safety hazard, and it appears as if the spirit that haunts the well likes to protect those who get too close–a ghostly white hand has been known to pull people back if they get too close.

As unique as this tale sounds, the Hutchinson Screaming Well isn’t the only Screaming Well in America… it’s not even the only Screaming Well in Kansas! In Hiawatha, KS, it’s believed a well is haunted by the spirit of a young pregnant woman who fell in and died and in Meade, KS, “Jacob’s Well” is haunted by a cowboy that fell in and drowned.

The other “well” known Screaming Well is situated in Seatle, WA, and supposedly the voices will follow you home.

Neither well is easy to find. In fact, there’s a Reddit thread where people debate the location and the very existence of these wells. But if you do find yourself standing before the Screaming Well, please watch your step, unless you want to add yourself to the chorus of disembodied voices.

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